Illustration © Madeleine Guastavino

A durational performance in public space, O2 brings together a community of dancers aged 7 to 77 to celebrate the present moment through intuitive movement, song and poetry. With the sky and the urban nature in lieu of a theatre, it offers a time out of time, a moment of wonder and warmth, a roadside shelter against city bustle and isolation. O2 like oxygen, a touch of fresh air, one shared to amplify our individual and collective beings. Meaningful togetherness emerges through visual contacts, connections over distance and privileged moments shared with the audience. An arm waived, a smile blown, a presence… And what if dance could repair the living?

Premiered at the Festival TransAmériques in June 2021,
at Baldwin park and in front of Saint-James church in Montreal.
Video by Raphaël Preux : youtu.be/NbwaN7-yRJk (24 minutes)

* * *

Presented as part of Journées de la culture
on Saturday, SEPTEMBER 25, 2021, from 1 to 7  pm,
parc des Faubourgs, in the Ville-Marie borough.

6 hour outdoor performance, free and open to all!
Rescheduled for Sunday, September 26, in case of heavy rain.

* * *

With (alternating) : Amaryah Yisrael, Annabelle Chouinard, Ariane Boulet, Azaryah Yisrael, Cara Roy, Caroline Namts, Céline Cossette, Céline Laquerre, Chloe Hart, Claire Pearl, Émilie Cardu-Beauquier, Gabrielle Bertrand-Lehouillier, Geneviève Dussault, Hélène Messier, Hezekyah Yisrael, Kerwin Barrington, Léa Noblet di Ziranaldi, Lila Geneix, Luce Lainé, Madeleine Guastavino, Maggie Sauvé, Marie Jodoin, Marie Mougeolle, Marie-Claude Roy, Marijoe Foucher, Marine Morales-Casaroli, Matéo Chauchat, Matteo Esteves, Maya Zebeir, Mélusine Bonillo, Meriem Ferkli, Nelly Paquentin, Pierre Bastien, Richard Trottier, Shaliyshah Yisrael, Shemyah Yisrael, Solène Kojtych, Yeremyah Yisrael.

And the participants of A Breath of Air workshops : Ariane Dubé-Lavigne, Camélia Letendre, Camille Gendron, Catherine-Alexandre Briand, Châtelaine Côté-Rioux, Christine Picard, Clémence Modoux, Dalila Carvalho, Denyse Hay, Diane Denis, Diane Ruiz, Estelle Weckering, Guadalupe Torres, Irina Rusu, Luce Fortier, Manon Alarie, Marie-Pier Laforge-Bourret, Mathilde Gesseaume-Rioux, Miriam Lavallée, Murielle Lily Edwards, Myriam Foisy, Natacha Loiselle, Oscar Hernández, Pamela Aubé, Philippe Dépelteau, Saule Amirbekova, Sonia Verreault, Sophie Beaulieu.

Concept : Sarah Dell’Ava en collaboration avec les interprètes
Dramaturgy : Ilya Krouglikov
Musician : Annabelle Chouinard

* * *

O2 is a Berceurs du temps project presented with the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the Festival TransAmériques and the Ville-Marie borough. The support of the City of Montreal’s Médiation culturelle MTL program allowed to extend the project with A Breath of Air, a series of open outside workshops offered in July 2021 at Médéric-Martin park.

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O2 at Journées de la culture
Parc des Faubourgs, September 25, 2021


O2 in rehearsals (September 2020)
Parc des Faubourgs, parc Baldwin, parc Médéric-Martin