Illustration © Maeli Lemelin from École Élan


Contes à dormir debout is a series of podcasts for the whole family presented by Berceurs du temps in collaboration with Festilou, a storytelling festival for the youth. The series takes children and their parents on a bedtime journey through 5 different cultures and traditions. Each podcast is inspired by a lullaby from the archives of Lulling Time, with more than 1200 recordings in sixty languages. A guest storyteller is invited to share a tale and a lullaby of their choice to help discover their culture of origin. A little moment of happiness before going to bed. For now, the series exists only in FRENCH.

23.09 – Essouma Long (Victoriaville) – African tales
30.09 – Aurore Liang (Montreal / China) – Chinese tales
07.10 – Saulo Olmedo Evans (Montreal / Panama) – Latin American tales
14.10 – Oro Anahory-Librowicz (Montreal / Spain) – Jewish tales
21.10 – Nicole O’Bomsawin (Odanak) – First Nations tales

Project supported by the Canada Council for the Arts through its “Digital Originals” program.

Directing & hosting : Ilya Krouglikov, Sylvi Belleau
Original music, editing & mastering : Olivier Girouard





Essouma Long

Essouma LongIntroduced by his maternal grandfather to oral traditions of the African Bantu, ESSOUMA LONG is a PhD student in performing arts. Born in Cameroon, he has seduced audiences in Italy, Belgium and France and resides now in Victoriaville in Quebec. Traditional storyteller, author of several books (tales, essays and novels), he is also a musician playing instruments such as the mvet, the nku, the balafon or the sanza. Concerned by the transmission of knowledge and values between generations, peoples and eras, Essouma likes words that have an impact, always associated with music and gestures, seeking the essentials to get away from the superfluous. (in French)



Aurore Liang

Aurore Liang

Introduced by her mother to the Beijing opera, one of the oldest arts in the world, AURORE LIANG is a storyteller, an actress and a producer. She grew up in China, lived in France and moved to Montreal about ten years ago. Aurore practices her storytelling skills with Toastmasters, an organization that helps people speak in public. She created Jīngjù Québec in order to transmit the refinement of her culture in Canada. Although she is skilled to play empresses and heroines, she prefers the ‘joie de vivre’ of clever maids. Aurore performs in French, English and Mandarin.



Saulo Olmedo Evans  (Saulo Giri)

Saulo Olmedo EvansSAULO OLMEDO EVANS is a storyteller and musician born in Panama and raised in Montreal. His roots brought him back to Latin America to collect works by local poets, musicians and storytellers. In the monte, the Panamanian countryside, many people relate having met the devil or heard the animals talk… A passionate percussionist, Saulo follows his drums to Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, India, Norway and Mexico. During his travels, he fills his suitcase with musical instruments, stories and songs that he later shares with the public. Saulo performs in French, English, Spanish and sometimes in Spfrench. (in French)



Oro Anahory-Librowicz

Oro AnahoryORO ANAHORY-LIBROWICZ is passionate about storytelling and theatre, but also a specialist of traditional Judeo-Spanish songs. She cultivates the art of storytelling in French, English, Judeo-Spanish and Spanish, her mother tongue. She created and directed the musical ensemble Gerineldo and has performed in Canada, the United States, France, England, Spain, Israel, Brazil and Venezuela. Oro loves to share the thousand-year-old tales of Jewish tradition, imbued with wisdom and humor. Whether they come from North Africa, Eastern Europe or the Middle East, these tales bear witness to the durability and fragility of Jewish existence, with characters that come to life through the famous stories of King Solomon, Ch’a or from mystical tales. (in French)



Nicole O’Bomsawin

NICOLE O’BOMSAWIN belongs to the Abenaki First Nation and lives in her home village of Odanak. Trained in anthropology and museology, she has studied traditional dance and teaches at the Kiuna Post-Secondary Institute. She is also a cultural development agent for Abenaki families in Odanak and Wôlinak. Nicole believes in reconciliation with nature, whether mineral, vegetable, animal or human. She is happy to tell the creation of the world, the cycle of the seasons, the names of people and animals. From her own name which means “hummingbird”, she has kept the gestures, the vitality and the speedy pace of her words.